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Brennan saves Booth as often as he saves her. It’s a crucial part of their relationship. Hart Hanson promised Emily Deschanel before she took the part that Booth wouldn’t have to save her very often, and that’s still the case. Brennan rushes into danger for the people she cares about. She speaks her mind. She doesn’t walk away, and she tells Booth that she hates him for wanting her to. Then she gets in his face and orders him not to die. Brennan respects Booth and defends him and will yell his sterling record at a crowd of reporters until her voice shakes, but she’s going to do what she has to do.

(via Spotlight on Bones: Stable Until You Detonate It)

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What if I had taken that job at Merrill Lynch?

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You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them


It’s the things we love the most that destroy us.

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the walking dead + red

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One Direction + User Interface (x)

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